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There is no good deed or bad deed. If we take past, present, and future into the perspective of judgment, we'll observe, that bad was caused by good, good was caused by bad.

If saving one person causes one million people to die in the future, is it a good deed?

In the past, our revolutionaries were considered murderers, and terrorists, but in the present, we are “free” due to their actions, so was it a bad deed?

~ palash bauri

I, flag bearer of chaos Seek peace, For I have known pain.

I, commiter of inhumane Seek justice, For I have seen the blood.

I can be corrupted by power, Weakened by love, For I am a human.

~ palash bauri

Despite being a idealist, I am still vulnerable to human nature.

Power can corrupt me. Love can weaken me.

I am still a human after all.

~ palash bauri

অনেকে কাঁদে, অনেকে হাসে অনেকে হাততালি দেয়, কিন্তু বেশিরভাগ চুপ করে থাকে। এভাবেই যুদ্ধ শুরু হয়, আর আমরা হেরে যাই

~ palash bauri

I hear every person has a purpose, a destiny bestowed upon them by some supernatural power. I always wonder if it is true, what is my purpose?

Am I just a grain of salt of this huge complex salad called The Universe, just a tastemaker, with no purpose on itself.

I do not understand, what is that I seek, what makes me lonely in heart yet grants me a never ending endeavor...

On a rainy day, on a rainy path,
If I open my palm to keep you from rain,
will you see me for who I am?
will you recall me?

Just emerge yourself in rain
to fade all the colors of our memories.
The rain will cool the warmth in your heart
only thing left, will be a blurry image.

~ palash bauri

Those who can support a political party of which most prominent members are behind bars, cannot be of sound mind.

~ palash bauri

Some of my classmates of DElEd did Bachelor's simultaneously,

To them, you can't legally nor practically pursue more than one full-time courses at the same time.

Fun fact, One of your certificates is/will be illegal.

~ palash bauri

Before this requirement scam fiasco, many did DElEd, not because they wanted to become teachers, but they assumed with only spending 14-15 Lakhs they will secure an uninterrupted lifetime flow of money for themselves.

~ palash bauri

The truth is, about 90% of my family members are narcissistic imbeciles.

~ palash bauri

The zig compiler itself tells me where memory is leaking, no external tool required.

So cool.

~ palash bauri